A website for the most important wedding.

A wedding website is a great help for wedding preparation and a perfect way to share your happiness with others.

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In the main role: You

Before we start to organize the wedding, confide in us how you met, what you like about each other and how the proposal took place.

Just like your wedding, this website is all about you.

Everything in one place

Your wedding website can feature all necessary information such as date and time, program, map, and the wedding menu in one place.

Having all this means less worry about organization, fewer questions, fewer lost wedding guests.

Anticipating your wishes

Your wedding website can manage your list of wedding gifts and guest confirmations -- and after the wedding it is also the perfect place to upload pictures from your big day.

Best of all, your site will be available on mobiles and tablets.

Exactly your style

Three basic design templates can be easily adapted to your personal style, colors and wedding theme.

Thanks to this, your website will be as perfect as the wedding itself.

How will your website look?

One system, unlimited opportunities

You can create the website by your self. But we will be happy to help you
with preparation, consultation and other custom adjustments if you prefer it.

10 hours - 12.000 CZK

  • design setting
  • structure creating
  • basic content consultation

20 hours - 24.000 CZK

  • design setting
  • structure creating
  • basic content consultation
  • content implementation and formatting (10 standard pages)

How to begin?

You don't have to worry about tecnical issues such as hosting, administration or tech support. We take care of it.

We will create your website in cooperation with your wedding coordinator

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Martin Hakl
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or you can create
it yourself