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solidpixels lets restaurants, cafés, and bars create beautiful websites

On the web,
you’re open 24-7

A website is on the job 24 hours a day. It gives your guests the information they need. Focus on what you want to tell them. Tell them what you’re best at. Address them in a modern way, regardless of whether they visit your site through a mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

Functions both you and your customers will love

Solidpixels has everything a professional website requires.

Put your best face forward

Just pick one of our beautiful templates designed by professionals to meet all the needs of the food and beverage sector. Change colours, upload a logo, replace the photos, and the website is all yours!

Over 30 % of visits come from mobile phones

Today, over one third of website traffic is from mobile phones. In the case of some target groups, for example tourists, it’s even more. In addition, Google ranks mobile-ready sites higher in search results. Be more visible!

Reservations, address, and opening hours

The information visitors want most frequently from your website. Compose your content so that this information is one click away.

We work for the best

Our customers are the best restaurants, bistros, and cafés in the Czech Republic.

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