Recognize your influence

and set out on a journey where every step counts

Each of us influences the things around. Solidpixels is here to remind you of your strength. We give you a modern tool you can use to communicate with the world and move it forward. On this path, every step counts.

Martin Hakl, Radek Botoš, Michaela Motyčková

A story of friendship. One we’ve been creating for over 10 years.

Martin, Radek, Míša. We’ve come a long way by now. Over ten years ago, we got together in a mouse-infested office. We wanted to find out if with a serious dose of determination and almost no money, it is possible to climb to the top of our field.

It was a journey full of joy as well as pain. Uncles and friends as our first clients were gradually replaced by the best companies in the country. Today, our offices also look more like a home than a musty garage. But most of all, we value the fact that we found more than colleagues in each other. We’re friends who are capable of leaning on each other as well as sharing success. Together with solidpixels, we want to bring all this to you.

People who have moved us forward. Thank you.

When we don’t know how to do something, we call on someone who will teach us. We would like to thank those who shared their invaluable experience, inspiration, and wisdom with us.

Vladimír Münz

Vladimír is an urban shaman whose path is a manfully clear, direct, and ferocious description and definition of the situation at hand. I can change only reality; if I change an illusion, I am only creating another illusion. More

Larisa Francírková

Larisa is a professional coach and helps people discover what they’ve never lost. Each of us has all we need to achieve our personal and work goals. More

David Průdek

David is an advisor with extensive experience. He’s good at getting to the crux of the matter, pushing through necessary changes, and addressing situations to the satisfaction of all involved. More