A website worth tens of thousands. For a fraction of the time, money and worry.

Solidpixels is the fastest way for you to create a website at the level of world-famous brands. As beautiful and as functional.

Vyplněním svých údajů vstupujete do 14denního trialu, kdy můžete vyzkoušet nástroj solidpixels. zdarma. V průběhu vám mailovými návody pomůžeme a představíme, čím by vám mohla být užitečná placená verze. Svůj souhlas můžete kdykoliv odvolat.
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A good website brings results.
Moreover, yours will look good.

To begin with, you choose a template - as a starting point. With a couple clicks you can change anything: images, text format and colors. After only half an hour the result is a unique, perfectly functioning website.


You can launch the website in 6 seconds. And then you can build it the way
you need it.

We know that you need to easily manage and develop your website. Without fear of messing it up. With assurance that even a layman can do it.

Solidixels takes care of the technical part so you can focus only on content creation. Whether you want text, pictures, videos, maps or Facebook content on your website, you simply drag it there.

Your website remains beautiful, secure and functional.

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Solidpixels will do the busywork for you.

Editing images

Solidpixels automatically adjusts the size and format of each picture so they will look good on big screen and mobile as well.

Formatting text

It doesn't matter if you copy text from Word or notes. Solidpixels adapts its size and font so it all matches.

Saving changes

Solidpixels notices each change and continuously saves your unfinished work so you don't lose any data.

Adapting to mobiles

Each website bulit on solidpxiels looks good on computer, tablets and mobiles. Automatically and immediately.

Keeping up with trends

Every time we upgrade solidpixels or add a new feature, you automatically get it in your update.

Connecting with your domain

Solidpixels will check domain setting and connect it with your new website if everything's OK.

We go for the result together

For 10 years we have been creating websites for world-famous brands. Now we are putting all our experience, verified methods and know-how into solidpixels. So everyone can reach the level of the best brands right from the beginning - and that is what excites us.

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Video tutorials

We will introduce to you not only basic techniques but also advanced tricks in clear and short videos.

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Individual care

Sometimes you may need something specific. We have a team which can do custom work.

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